Being a valued patient in the Dubai Health Authority, you and your family have the following Responsibilities:

  1. Respect the hospital’s / center’s rules and regulations.
  2. Show consideration for others and deal with other patients and staff with respect.
  3. Respect the privacy and comfort of other patients.
  4. Provide complete and accurate information about present complaints, past illness, previous hospitalization and treatment and any known drug allergy.
  5. Follow the treating doctor’s instructions.
  6. Hold the responsibility for refusing or not following the treatment plan, after being informed about the potential consequences of this decision
  7. Avoid delay in taking appointment from the Appointment Office/ Medical Records Section, as soon as it is requested by the doctor.
  8. Attend the appointment on time. If you want to cancel it, inform the Appointment Office 48 hours in advance.
  9. Respect the priority given to emergency cases.
  10. Observe safety regulations including the no-smoking policy, maintaining the cleanliness of the place, hand hygiene etc…
  11. Ensure that financial obligations due for DHA are fulfilled promptly (if any).
  12. Give requested samples and attend medical check up on time.
  13. Avoid bringing valuable personal belongings to the hospital/specialized center. The hospital/specialized center will not be held responsible for loss of/damage to such belongings. However; in emergency cases, you must notify nurses and give them these valuables in the presence of the hospital/specialized center’s security staff against duly special forms. You must keep a copy of this form and verify recipient’s official identity. The hospital/specialized center management is not responsible for any consequences resulting from non-adherence to above instructions.

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